Software Engineer

Job description

At Expeto Wireless, we’re solving technical challenges that the networking and telco industry didn’t realize were solvable.

Our software integrates mobile networks and IoT applications onto a single platform specifically designed for the large enterprise market and we believe that harnessing data from connected devices around the world will unlock insights that shape business strategy and help companies make better, more informed decisions to ensure a sustainable future.

As a result of the rapid adoption of our product in the market, we’re currently looking to add a few experienced Software Engineers that have “been there and done that” within the networking, telco, 4G, 5G, and/or IoT space, to help us continue the rapid evolution of our PaaS offering.

If you want to help us work smarter and faster than the giants of the private mobile networking and telco world AND be on the cutting edge of IoT…

Why should you join our team?

We asked a few of our engineers that exact question and here’s what they had to share:

“There are not many software engineering positions where you get to do heart surgery in a sense. The big carrier networks are closed. You get walls upon walls of security around that stuff. There are very few people who actually get the keys to the kingdom. That’s our gig. We are doing that heart surgery and playing around with stuff that very few people get to do.”

“Everyone wants to be a hacker. It is the ones that are actually getting into that code or those APIs, creating them and writing them. That’s what developers want to get at. That’s what we do.”

“People want what we do. They just don’t know that it’s possible.”


    If you’d like to be considered to join our team, here’s what we’re hoping to see in you:

    • An advanced degree in Software Engineering or related discipline.
    • 3-5 years of software development experience, preferably including large-scale telecommunications and/or networking development (SDN and NFV).
    • Broad experience in JVM and distributed systems.
    • Advanced capabilities in Kotlin, Java, Clojure, Javascript, and/or Python.
    • Experience using Linux, Docker, and associated tools and technologies.
    • Experience with agile development, continuous delivery, and deployment automation.

    Although we’re a fully remote team, our preference is to hire in Canada and/or the USA at this time. Our engineers are at the top of their field, we provide them with immense challenges to solve, and we compensate accordingly.

    If you feel the above resonated with you, and you have what it takes to join our team, reach out and apply today.

    Expeto is an equal opportunity employer. Should you require accommodation in any aspect of our selection process, please contact our recruitment team at careers (at) expeto (dot) io.