Full Stack Developer

Job description

This role is located in San Francisco, but if you're unable/unwilling to re-locate, there's the opportunity for this to be a remote position.

Help us change the way IoT is delivered to enterprise.


Expeto Wireless is changing the way that IoT is delivered to enterprises by introducing new technology to secure LTE environments. You will work on the latest 4G and 5G technologies alongside core development teams within Fortune 100 companies.


We’re already working with some of the world’s largest telecommunications providers and lead customers in the global energy sector, and they are shocked with what we’ve accomplished so far – they call it revolutionary. That's what drives all of us.


But we can’t do it without help.


We’re looking for a Full Stack Developer to be responsible for a wide variety of diversified tasks. From architecture, design, and implementation, to helping customers troubleshoot systems - the wide variety of work makes this is a great opportunity for a strong web-developer who isn't afraid to take the lead in an entirely new space.


You are a full-stack generalist with experience building distributed systems. Software engineering at Expeto involves a broad array of technologies: JVM languages, message queues, container orchestration, telecom networking protocols, PostgreSQL, frontend interfaces, etc. You will be able to work fast with these tools, fill gaps in your skillset, prioritize work, and discuss design decisions.


Your skills and experience:

  • Experience building and supporting large-scale systems
  • Full-stack generalist with broad experience in the JVM and distributed systems
  • Experience in Java, Clojure, Docker, 4G LTE, PostgresSQL, and RESTful services


Some other things that would help out our team:

  • Experience developing PaaS systems
  • Exposure to SDN and NFV technologies
  • Experience implementing low latency, high throughput communication protocols


The Way You Work

  • You like to move fast, you know how to prioritize, and you like to make critical decisions
  • You’re not afraid to make mistakes and you own them when you do
  • You’re a good communicator – you can take the ball as a leader on a team and you don’t mind supporting technical people on the customer side when necessary
  • You know your area of expertise, but you don’t mind wearing many hats as one of the first employees in a startup


What’s in it for you:
You’ll join an experienced founding team who have successfully built and exited startups, and with that there is a confidence in how we work. We face tough challenges every day, we move pretty quickly, and we’re not scared to make mistakes and adjust. We trust each other and we rely on a leaderful organization in which you’ll be expected to step up when you’re the expert. The environment is friendly and collaborative with room to provide opinion and direction, and also room to try and fail. This is our formula for success, and we hope it’s yours too.


What does the interview process involve?
The first step is a conversation with Pivot and Edge. They’ll focus on the human side of things and answer any questions you may have. From there, we’ll provide an opportunity for those that exhibit a high potential to be successful in our environment to demonstrate their technical capabilities and then talk shop with some of our engineers and leaders. Assuming you’re one of our finalists, we’ll be sure to give you a tour of the office and introduce you to some of your future teammates.


We’re not just interviewing you. We want to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other, so please feel encouraged to interview us at every step.